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For over 30 years our team at Sentry Financial Services has helped individuals, families and businesses create and preserve wealth while minimizing exposure to risk.  

Expertise. Innovation. Partnerships

Our team works with you and your circle of advisors to review and evaluate your current situation and understand your future personal, business, and philanthropic goals. We help optimize true wealth through

The Solution Design Process TM, our proprietary method that focuses on four key areas:

Sentry Financial Services Circle of Advisors

People & Causes You

Care About

The Next



& Predators

Income &

Estate Taxes

We Uncover Unseen Opportunities to Maximize Value

Putting the Balance Back in Your Balance Sheet

All too often the best laid plans evolve into a patchwork of solutions. That evolution leaves gaps in your plan and exposes you to undue risk. We carefully evaluate the alignment of assets and liabilities to uncover these gaps and discover unseen opportunities. Through our comprehensive, ongoing process we help you:


  • Protect your family and business and restore balance by building customized solutions that use insurance, legal structures and other financial products

  • More efficiently and effectively meet your goals by continuously monitoring and analyzing the market to uncover new products, legal structures and funding arrangements.

  • Implement and administer solutions by leveraging our team of experts

  • Keep your customized solution current through scheduled reviews


Comprehensive Financial Services and Innovative Programs




Wealth Creation






Insurance Funding













Aviation Program






Risk Management






Wealth Transfer



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