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We partner with experts and build programs to expand the value of the solutions we create for you.
Our partners help us optimize, expand and bring clarity. Our strategic partnerships include experts in the fields of wellness, asset management, banking, finance, taxation, legal structures and aviation.



Insurance Funding Program

When your Sentry Financial Services team identifies a need for insurance, our planning efforts don’t stop there. Next we evaluate the most cost efficient way to fund your insurance premiums that minimizes any associated risks and maximizes value. Our funding strategies help you:


  • keep valuable cash on-hand
  • create tax efficiencies
  • maximize investment opportunities


Our strategic partnerships enable us to offer you access to a broad spectrum of the latest innovative structures and funding arrangements. Our in-house experts will identify, manage and service the approach most suitable for you.

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The Family


Captive Insurance

A Captive enables you to better manage insurance costs and coverage to help minimize your exposure to risk while maximizing investment returns.

Private Placement Insurance

Private Placement life insurance (PPLI) is a highly effective tool that can be customized to protect assets for the next generation.

Premium Finance

By financing premium payments, you access alternative sources of capital that enables you to keep valuable assets working for you.

The Family Bank

can benefit your family over multiple generations while minimizing the

impact of gift, estate and generation-skipping transfer taxes.

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Planned Giving: Building a Living Legacy

The motivation for why individuals and families give to their favorite charity or organization is a unique and personal decision. At Sentry, our goal is to understand your goals, uncover opportunity and maximize value for you and your philanthropic activities. A well-designed philanthropic plan can decrease personal tax liabilities and increase the financial support to the causes which matter most to you.

Two key pillars of our Solution Design Process ™ - the People and Causes You Care About and The Next Generation enable us to integrate your philanthropic goals and giving into your wealth management plan. We help our clients multiply the impact of their giving to create generational legacies as we explore questions like:

  • What is important to you about your wealth? What is the purpose of your wealth?

  • How do your values impact your wealth planning?

  • What values and beliefs do you want your giving to reflect?

  • How do you import wealth and values to your children and grandchildren?

  • What organizations or causes matter most to you?


We work with our clients’ legal, tax, financial and insurance advisors to build their planned giving solution. Charitable and non-profit organizations, educational institutions, endowments, and family foundations also work with us to help their donors structure solutions that meet their philanthropic, financial and tax goals.

Aviation Program

We understand the value that aviation and aerospace assets can generate for your business and family. Aviation assets have a unique set of operational, financial and tax consequences for their owners and related stakeholders. Our goal is to help aviation and aerospace owners and investors maximize value, minimize risk and create tax efficient strategies. Our team of experts will help you:


  • Evaluate, audit and analyze aviation assets

  • Develop strategic financial and risk management plans

  • Implement the use of high quality insurance products and funding solutions


Sentry Financial has formed strategic partnerships with

True-Course and InterFlight Global Corporation (IFG) to create our specialized Aviation Program.  

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“My background as a commercial pilot and an owner of an aerospace manufacturing firm drew me to create a specialized aviation program with True-Course and IFG. Together we can help clients properly manage the financial as well as the income and estate tax aspects of aerospace assets.”


Jeff Gutovich, Managing Director of Sentry Financial Services


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